What is the area of the smaller figure in square cm?

Accepted Solution

Answer:(25 + 25/√2)Β² = 25Β² + 50*25/√2 + (25/√2)Β² = 625 + 1250/√2 + 625/2 β‰ˆ 625 + 883.883 + 312.5 β‰ˆ 1821 sq. cm Step-by-step explanation:Imagine starting by putting the diameter of the semicircle directly in the corner of a square but at a 45 degree angle. That makes a 45-45-90 triangle with the hypotenuse being 50 cm. Now take the midpoint of this and draw your semicircle. The distance from this point up will be the radius (25 cm). And down will be the side of a triangle with hypotenuse 25. This ends up being 25/√2. So one dimension would be 25 + 25/√2, and so would the other. Multiplying this together we get: