A transformation of rectangle LMNO results in rectangle L'M'N'O'.Which transformation maps the pre-image to the image?dilation stretch reflection rotation

Accepted Solution

Answer:B. StretchStep-by-step explanation:We are given that,Rectangle LMNO is transformed to form the rectangle L'M'N'O'.It is required to find the transformation.Dilation, Reflection and Rotation are not possible as Dilation changes the overall size of the figure and other transformation does not change the size of the figures.Now, as we see that,Length of LMNO = 8 units and Width of LMNO = 4 unitsLength of L'M'N'O' = 6 units and Width of L'M'N'O' = 4 unitsSo, we get that, The rectangle LMNO is decreased in length to obtain rectangle L'M'N'O'.That is, LMNO is shrinked to obtain L'M'N'O'.But shrink is not an option, we say that there is a stretch of [tex]\frac{6}{8}=\frac{3}{4}[/tex] to obatin L'M'N'O'.Hence, option B is correct.