The Percentage Increase Calculator

How to use a The Percentage Increase Calculator in

The online percentage increase calculator computes percentage increases, growth rates, and price increases in percentages. You can use it to track financial growth, analyze market trends, or if you are curious, understand how numbers change. 

While it plays a significant role in mathematical calculations, the growth calculator is handy in science when calculating the percent increase in the mass of a chemical element in a compound.

Using Increase Calculator

The percentage increase calculator calculates how much a value has grown compared to its Starting Value. The results are expressed as a percentage to indicate the changes in that specific context.

To use the percentage increase calculator, enter starting value and final value. The calculator will then instantly calculate the percentage increase. 

How to Calculate Percentage Increase

Here is the complete percentage increase formula:

Percentage Increase =(Final Value - Starting Value) / Starting Value * 100

Let’s have a look at an example using the growth calculator: 

Suppose a product's price was $50, and it increased to $60. Calculate the percentage increase.


  • Enter the Starting Value ($50) in the calculator 

  • Then enter the Final value ($60)

  • Tap on the “Calculate” Button

  • The calculator generates results as 20%

If we were to use the manual approach:

Percentage Increase 

Final value - Staring value


($60 - $50)

($10/$60) *100

% Increase


How to Calculate a Percentage Decrease

The formula to calculate the percentage decrease changes slightly to avoid calculation with the negative sign after subtraction.

Percentage Decrease =(Starting Value - Final Value) / Starting Value * 100

Suppose the price of a product was $100 last month, and this month it is selling for $80. Calculate the percentage decrease in price.

  • Enter the Starting Value ($100) in the calculator 

  • Then enter the Final value ($80)

  • Tap on the “Calculate” Button

  • The calculator generates results as 20%

The price of the product has decreased by 20% this month.

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  1. How do I use the Percentage Increase Calculator?

To use our Percentage Increase Calculator, enter the Starting Value and the Final Value. The calculator will instantly provide you with the percentage increase.

  1. What is the significance of calculating growth rates?

The significance of calculating growth rates is to help in assessing the rate at which a particular metric, like revenue or sales, is increasing over time.

  1. Can I calculate decreases with this calculator?

Absolutely! You can calculate decreases with the growth calculator. Ensure that the Final value is smaller than the Starting Value when entering the numbers.